In Need Of A Tune Up

In Need of a Tune-up

Several million members of the church are to be recalled because they are not performing properly. Symptoms include frequent missing, lack of power and poor adaptation to rough roads. While it is suspected that several essential parts were left out at conversion, regular maintenance should have corrected most of the difficulties. Sadly, many only come for maintenance when a major breakdown has occurred and, therefore, it is difficult for service personnel to attempt to correct the basic problems at these times.

So the recall is under way. Church leaders say that Service Managers are being trained to deal with the problems.

One member who came in for a trial recall a year or so ago was pleased with the results.

"It's amazing," she said. "I'm getting much better mileage now. I don't notice the rough spots so much, and I find I have enough power to give others a helping push now and then."

Spokespersons said retraining is possible. Service personnel are available around the clock and shops are open seven days a week.
-Adapted from John Sanders